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What is a Transaction Coordinator and why do I need one?

A Transaction Coordinator (TC) manages real estate contracts from execution through closing.

Using a TC allows real estate agents to focus their time and attention on growing a business, while knowing that the administrative needs of existing contracts are being handled.

TCs manage the communication, documents, deadlines, and follow up to ensure our agents reach the closing table as smoothly as possible. 

Who will benefit from utilizing a TC?

Transaction coordination services benefit real estate agents that:

  • have a proven record of success and are looking grow their business

  • want to avoid the cost and the hassle of having an employee(s)

  • want to control their costs

  • are not looking for a personal assistant (a TC's focus is purely on getting your contract from execution to closing)

  • want to ensure compliance is performed on time without errors

  • do not need to have someone available 24/7 

  • do not need a person sitting at a desk in their office (we work remotely)

  • do not believe in micromanaging (you are able to let go of the reigns and know how to delegate)

What are the benefits of using a virtual/remote Transaction Coordinator?

A few of the many benefits of using a virtual/remote TC are:

  • controlled cost per transaction (no hourly pay for sitting in an office)

  • no payroll, benefits, or HR issues to handle

  • you only pay us when the transaction closes and there are no minimum contract requirements

My Brokerage provides me with a Transaction Coordinator. Do I really need to hire my own?

Having your own TC will provide a higher level of customer service to you and your client(s). In many offices it is likely there are 30 or more agents being managed by one or two in-house TCs.  These TCs are probably overwhelmed with other office tasks and only able to handle basic transaction work. They may not have the time to attend to your specific business needs and are not always able to handle real-time situations.

How do I give up total control and know that everything will get done?

This is a very important question.  Your reputation is on the line and we know that handing over this process will not be easy…at first.  Each transaction is setup with a structured management system to ensure all administrative tasks are completed within a set time frame. You will frequently be kept up to date with the progress of your file and informed in a timely matter of any issues that need to be addressed.  After using our services, you will gain confidence and feel at ease knowing that you can step away from your desk and focus on what you do best...selling real estate! 

What duties will I still be responsible for?

As the real estate agent, your role is still extremely vital after going under contract. Any contract negotiations,  addenda approval, advising your client, attending inspections/walk-throughs, reviewing settlement statements/disbursement authorizations, and jumping in to help resolve issues (when needed), will still be required of you. Our TCs act in the role of an unlicensed assistant. You can read more about what an unlicensed assistant can and cannot do here.

What are your Transaction Coordinator fees?

You can view our current pricing by clicking here.

Do I still have to pay if my contract does not close?

We only get paid when you do! If the transaction fails, no payment or cancellation fee is due. 

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