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Transaction Coordinator


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Contract & Compliance

  • Review contract for compliance including required riders and disclosures

  • Create a timeline outlining all of the important deadlines

  • Contact client, agent, lender, escrow agent, & title company introducing myself as a member of your team

  • Send executed contract to all parties of the transaction

  • Confirm escrow deposit has been made and obtain receipt

  • Confirm that inspection(s) are scheduled within the time frame of contract

  • Maintain regular contact with all parties involved for status updates as well as outstanding items

  • Draft addenda per agent direction (final approval required)

  • Send weekly update reports via email

  • Submit documents for brokerage compliance


  • Confirm buyer has made a completed loan application

  • Confirm appraisal has been ordered and follow-up with lender for results

  • Monitor underwriting process through receipt of loan commitment followed by the clear to close

  • Verify closing disclosure is sent to buyer at least 3 days prior to closing


  • Ensure title commitment, lien search, estoppel, and survey are ordered (as applicable)

  • Deliver reports to client (as applicable)

  • Order home warranty and submit invoice to title company

  • Obtain preliminary settlement statement

  • Send closing instructions to client

  • Verify title company has received lender's closing package


  • Obtain copies of homeowner/condo association documents and send to buyer and/or buyer's agent

  • Confirm buyer has submitted their application to the association

  • Verify buyer has received association approval


  • Regularly check that closing is on target

  • Send distribution authorization to title company

  • Provide buyer with general utilities information

  • Confirm final walk-through arrangements have been made

  • Confirm closing time and location

  • Send client zip file of documents collected throughout transaction

  • Submit final compliance documents to brokerage

Agent Responsibilities

  • Remain an active participant in the transaction

  • Provide sales contract, MLS printout, and Tax Record

  • Provide contact information for all parties of the contract

  • Deliver escrow deposit (as applicable)

  • Schedule and attend inspections

  • Perform contract negotiations

  • Attend final walk-through and closing

  • Remove lockbox and signs (as applicable)

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