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How Real Estate Agents Can Handle Difficult Transactions

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Anyone in sales can tell you stories about a challenging customer situation. With the importance of a real estate transaction, those difficulties can expand exponentially. Every agent runs into a non-negotiable client, confronting every suggestion offered.

When you come prepared for a complicated transaction, it is much easier to close the deal. Here are some ways you can make that happen.

1. Actively listen instead of offering advice.

When you take time to listen, you're getting chances to discover your client's wants and needs. Let people talk until they have said everything that they feel is important. You'll find their concerns, have chances to solve problems, and address complaints immediately.

2. Screen people to avoid friction.

Always ask high-value questions when speaking with clients. Everyone has a list of needs, wants, and non-negotiable items. When you have a better understanding of what others see, it can help you find a path away from possible friction to offer better results.

3. Be proactive instead of reactive.

It helps to proactively educate your clients about what to expect from the current real estate market. When people have a clear understanding of the process, it eliminates the confusion that can lead to difficulties. This step starts the relationship-building process so that the experience becomes more enjoyable for everyone.

4. Embrace your creative side.

Try to see a listing from your client’s perspective. What would make you feel better about making an offer? Some buyers might want a move-in ready home, but you may have someone who wants a fixer-upper. Meeting their needs with precision will remove many difficulties.

5. Have some empathy for the situation.

The most common reason for a problematic connection is an agent's desire to make clients see things from their view. It can be a stubborn habit that causes more issues than it solves! If you were to place yourself in the same situation, how would you feel? Having empathy can solve most problematic transactions.

Although you can find some purposely difficult people out there, most clients are that way for a specific reason. When you can address those concerns, it is much easier to work toward a successful outcome.

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07 mar 2023

Thanks for the interesting article. Our company is constantly improving the software to facilitate the work of the personnel department.

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